To create, manipulate, distort and disrupt is one of my great pleasures.

Creative Director, Photographer, Retoucher

Chris Cossio

From humble country beginnings on the North coast of NSW, Chris moved to Brisbane after year 12 to go to uni where he studied Criminology (I know right?!). Shortly after Uni Chris began his career running some of the biggest Hotels in Queensland, which was a tough gig, but whilst working in these challenging environments, he began to snow-ball an idea of starting up a design business with a colleague of his. And it 2005, Loud and Clear began.

Chris has been running Loud and Clear (now Glu Creative) ever since, and has been lucky to lead a classy creative team, and work with some massive brands from all over Australia. Chris has honed his skills over the years, particularly in the fields of Creative Direction, advertising, photography, digital composite work and web development. Whilst balancing his time between his creative agency and his young children, Chris continues to learn his craft to provide the best quality creative service to his clients.